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Welcome to GPSDirect and GPSReverse NMEA Sensor Drivers for Windows 7 and Windows 8.
Drivers that can map any COM-based NMEA-compatible GPS hardware to a Windows 7/Windows 8 Sensor and vice versa.

Windows 7/8 introduces the Sensor API which provides an abstraction to use many sensors, and the Location API which provides a way for applications to know the location of the user. However most GPS devices come with a bluetooth or a usb interface without a Windows 7 sensor driver.

Here is a user-level driver (UMDF) that can read a COM port or a TCP/IP Source that contains GPS NMEA data and map it to a Windows GPS Sensor for your Windows applications to be gps-sensor-aware. The driver also provides ILocation* information for Location-Aware applications. Using this driver enables all Windows sensor aware applications to get GPS information without directly accessing the GPS hardware. If you own an Android or an iDevice, the driver can also read GPS information from these devices. In case you do not own actual GPS hardware, the driver can still be tested in "Simulation" mode.

The GPSReverse does the reverse, maps a Sensor (either a physical one or GPSDirect) as a virtual COM port, so legacy applications can use a sensor, or data from iOS or Android.