Welcome to TurboIRC.COM!

TurboIRC.COM offers you fast and high quality applications that...

...run under Windows, Android and iOS.
...use the latest available technologies like Ribbon, Direct 2D, Sensors, GPS, Face Recognition and more.
...come in x86 and x64 "portable" versions for Windows.


GPS Drivers GPSComplete Sensor drivers for Windows: GPSDirect GPSReverse LocationFixer.
Also featuring Turbo GPS.
Remote Debugging Easy Developer Tools The business solutions for developers:

Turbo VPN — Create P2P networks behind firewalls or NAT-restricting routers without relay server.
Help Me Now
— Instant support for your customers, one function call, no NAT/Ports.
Virtual Lab
— Feature rich collaboration.
Remote Debugging Easy
— Remote Debugging with Visual Studio, smart differential compression deployment and HMN included.
Connection Reverser
— Reverse any connection with compression.
Turbo Play Professional Audio and lights Turbo Play — the top class sequencer in version 2 alpha preview.
MIDI Controller — The ultimate iOS controller for all your devices.
DMX Controller — Control all your DMX lights with scripting.
Auto Harmony — Uh ... automatic melody enharnomization for 4 voices ??!!
TurboIRC 7 Communications TurboIRC — Windows, Android and iOS. The ultimate IRC client.
FaceLogin Login Solutions USB Login — Login to windows by plugging in a USB stick.
FaceLogin — Login to windows with your face (!).
Blue Key Login — Login to windows witg a FIDO U2F Yubico Blue Key.
TurboIRC 7 Small Tools

Turbo Transfer The fastest way send files to your friend to download over HTTP!
Turbo Services Manager — Flexible Admin tool to manage Services.
Turbo DosBox — DOSGames with one click.

TurboIRC 7 Programming Stuff XML library — The free, flexible and featured XML parser for C++11 and Java.
Assembly manual — Top class including Real/Protected/Long mode from raw assembly Virtualization VMX tutorial.