Turbo GPS is the most featured freeware application!

Feature PC Version PPC Version iOS Android
  • Multiple Screens
    • XYZ
    • Cell ID
    • Satellites
      • Elevation Azimuth and SNR
    • Time
    • Speed (Km/H, MpH, Knots, m/s)
    • Course Compass
Yes Yes Yes Yes
  • Today plugin
Yes Yes No No
  • Map View
    • Horz/Vert zoom
    • Move up/Down
    • Cartesian and Polar
    • 360° rotation
    • Zoom to track or waypoint
Yes Yes Yes Yes
  • Waypoints
    • Unlimited XYZ Waypoints
Yes Yes Yes Yes
  • Tracks
    • Unlimited 3D tracks
    • Import from KML LOC GPX
    • Export to KML KMZ LOC GPX
    • Run straight or reversed
    • Track normalization
    • Track Joining
Yes Yes Yes Yes
  • Extra Track Features
    • Track Zones
    • Track Bus Routes
Yes Yes (Not yet) (Not yet)
  • Google Maps
No No Yes (iOS 6+ Apple Maps) Yes
  • Open Street Maps
No No No Yes
  • Statistics
Yes Yes No No
  • Custom Maps
Yes Yes No Yes
  • Sun & Moon Information
Yes Yes No No
  • Raw Log
  • Recording Mode
Yes with preset options Yes with preset options Yes with preset options Yes with preset options
  • GPS Setup
Sensor API, Bluetooth & Simulation GPS API, Bluetooth & Simulation Internal Internal, Bluetooth & Simulation
  • Calculators
2D and 3D 2D and 3D 2D and 3D 2D and 3D
  • SiRF Options
Yes Yes No (Not yet)
  • Internet Tracking
Yes Yes Not yet Yes
  • Internet Pursuit
Yes Yes Not yet (Not yet)
  • Sensors
No No No Yes