<body> <p>Welcome to <strong>Turbo Play</strong>.<br /> <span class="sz5">The choice of professionals!</span></p> <hr width="300" align="left" /> <p class="sz5">Here is my big project, Turbo Play, a featured sequencer with many features you wouldn't find in a commercial expensive product!<br /> </p> <ul> <li class="sz5">All - in - one music creation software</li> <li class="sz5">x86/x64 native</li> <li class="sz5">Standalone Audio / Midi editors</li> <li class="sz5">Simple interface</li> <li class="sz5">XML based configuration</li> <li class="sz5">Windows 7 features</li> <li class="sz5">Multi-Core CPU support</li> <li class="sz5">Direct2D Support</li> <li class="sz5">Scripting Support</li> <li class="sz5">Lighting Support</li> <li class="sz5">Streaming Support</li> <li class="sz5">Multiple Security Features like VST Exception Handling, VST Sandboxing etc.</li> </ul> <a href="z1.htm">Features</a><br> <a href="s7/index.html">Screenshots</a><br> <a href="apply.htm"><b>Apply for Testing</b></a><br> <p class="sz5">Use the top menu bar to nagivate!</p> <p class="sz5">&nbsp;</p> <hr /> <p>&copy; 2009 - Michael Chourdakis. </p>

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