3D Mouse Map

Note: Turbo Play is compatible with 3D devices provided by 3DConnexion. As of this writing, I am not aware of other devices. If you own a 3D device not from 3DConnexion, contact me so I can support it in Turbo Play.

A 3D mouse is a device that can transfer 3D movements (X,Y and Z) and 3D rotations (Yaw, Pitch and Roll) to Turbo Play. If you have such a device, TP can use it in 3 ways:

If no mapping is done but you use the Mixer menu to assign the 3D Mouse to a mixer item, then

The dialog box allows you to load/save unlimited number of presets per project. It allows you to double click to an item to map it to an action. The commands available depend on what your current configuration is, for more, see Scripts.