Turbo Play Bug Submission Mechanism

Because Turbo Play is a very flexible and complex application, it is normal for bugs to appear now and then. To help me fix all errors and bugs you might find, please post a notice in the Support Forum.

Turbo Play also helps you by trying to send me a crash report if a serious problem occurs. When Turbo Play encounters a serious error, it will ask you to send me a report of the crash before existing. I strongly recommend that you do press "Yes" so the report is sent (No data is collected about you or your system) in order to find out the problem more quickly.

There are also cases when Turbo Play might not crash, but also appear not to respond. After a while of inactivty, where you are sure that something is going wrong, you can press Cltr+Alt+F12 to force TP to crash and send a crash report.

Turbo Play also offers automatic remote debugging. If you are interested in helping the author resolve an issue, please contact me. The automatic debugging TP has will allow me to debug the problem in your PC and find the solution faster.