MIDI Controller Map

MIDI Controller mapping is a TP feature that allows midi events to be mapped to controls. This allows you to control TP controls using your midi controllers and hardware. You can load/save presets for the controller map and/or save/load presets from a file. You can either map manually a message or record it from your midi hardware.

The fields of this map are:

The dialog box allows you to:

Controller Map Presets can also be loaded from Scripts.

In case you want to generate a message with your controllers, press the "Open MIDI Mapping Explorer" button. TP will wait for your controller's messages, display them there, and when you double click them you will be able to assign commands to them. The commands available depend on what your current configuration is, for more, see Scripts.

When you want to map VST Automation Parameters, you can also enable the "Learning" flag in the VST editor and the necessary entry in the Controller Map is created automatically when you click an automation parameter in the VST. For more, see VSTs.