Advanced Drawing Capabilities

In order to satisfy both a high-end and a low-end system, Turbo Play provides 4 different drawing modes, depending on your PC and Operating System. These are accessible through the options menu.

GDI Mode
Fast (Hardware Acc.)
Poor without Alpha Blending
All Windows
GDI+ Low Mode
Fast (Software Acc.)
Poor with Alpha Blending
All Windows
GDI+ High Mode
Fast (Software Acc.)
Very fine
All Windows
Fastest (Hardware Acc.)
Windows Vista SP2 / Win 7

GDI Mode is the oldest and poorest, but it is less memory-consuming. If you really want to save lots of memory, try it.

GDI+ Low mode provides alpha blending (transparent pixels) with better quality than plain GDI Mode - but it is slower.

GDI+ High mode provides alpha blending with excellent quality. This is the default for Windows XP.

Direct2D mode provides the best quality and speed, but it is only available in Windows 7+. Turbo Play automatically uses this if running under Windows 7.