Note : The equalizer is a run-time feature and therefore, it consumes CPU. Equalizing cannot take advantage of a multicore CPU. If you configure too many equalizers, you risk glitches and lags in your sequence.

Note : The equalizer is currently implemented as a runtime audio effect and it cannot take advantage of multicore systems. You can probably benefit more if you use a standard VST-like equalizer.

The equalizer window is a graphic equalizer, part of the runtime audio effects. Each mixer, each asio port, each link and each track has its own equalizer along with more audio effects. To view the equalizer, select it from the "Effects" button in any of the mixer/track screens.

The equalizer can be used as an standalone audio effect, or a runtime audio effect.

Most sequencers have a fixed number of bands. TP allows you to specify any number of bands. The more bands you have, the more control over the sequence and the more CPU is wasted.

Note : If the sequencer is running and you drag an equalizer band, the effect changes after you release the mouse to save CPU usage.