Turbo Play supports loading joystick devices and mapping their axes and buttons to controls. TP uses DirectInput so if your joystick has 100 axes and 500 buttons, they can all be mapped to events.

Note: Some non-joystick devices (Like 3D Mouse Controllers or Wheel Controlls) that have axes might also appear as joysticks. This allows you to use their axes and/or buttons with Turbo Play no matter if they are actually meant to be joysticks or not.

To load a joystick, select an available one from the Devices menu. Turbo Play supports any number of loaded joysticks.
To configure the mapping for each joystick, double click it in the device list. The joystick mapping window is shown:


Turbo Play supports unlimited axes for a joystick. The default mapping is Y axis for volume (Mixer|5) and Z axis for tempo (Mixer|6) . The first 3 buttons are also mapped to "Run" , "Stop" and "Pause" transporter commands by default.

This dialog enables you to:

The values for axes and buttons depend on your current configuration - for more, see Scripts.

Note that joystick mappings are also saved to the TP project file.