Working with multiple ASIO drivers

Note: The following configuration setup is not recommended. It is always recommended to work with only one ASIO driver. If you need to access more than one soundcard, you can use the ASIO4ALL wrapper. This information is only provided for the sake of completeness and to demonstrate TP features and capabilities to work with multiple ASIO drivers.

After you have loaded an ASIO driver, trying to load another one tells TP to do the following:

Marking the second (and all subsequent drivers) as secondary tells TP that this ASIO driver won't be using its own thread for operation, but it will run in the context of the master ASIO driver's thread (the first asio driver loaded). This ensures synchronization of the 2 drivers, but please note that due to the nature of the ASIO driver and/or hardware limitations, this might not function correctly and cause glitches to the audio signal.