A 'Mixer' in Turbo Play defines 3 things:

Device Mixer

A device mixer in Turbo Play is a device that can configure the state characteristics of an object:

The following objects all have states:


A mixer can be shown in 3 different places:


The mixer windows also allows the creation of multipan controls. Unlike other application's pan controls (which only configure sound in a left-right stereo basis), Turbo Play's multipan controls are lot more powerful.


Windows Mixers

Although you will mostly deal with ASIO, sometimes it might be desirable to adjust mixer levels as they are seen by Windows, because not all of your available sound destinations will have an ASIO interface. There are 2 different collections of mixers:

If you use Windows XP, the Windows XP style mixers adjust the volume of your sound devices globally.

If you use Windows Vista or newer, the Windows XP style mixers adjust the volume of your sound devices for Turbo Play only. That is, any change you apply using these mixers will be applied to the sound device only when it is used by Turbo Play. To adjust the volume of the sound devices globally, use the Windows Vista style mixers.

To insert such a mixer into the Mixer track, right click to it and select "Add Mixer".


Shared Mixers

A shared mixer allows a 3rd party application to access Turbo Play! data. This is mainly for developers; Contact me if you want to take advantage of this in your own applications.