Multicore Functionality

Note: The following information is only useful if you have a multicore CPU, such as Intel Pentium Core Duo or Quad Core. If you have a single core CPU, then this information is only useful for educational purposes.

In the past, a CPU used to have only 1 core. But nowadays, CPUs are multicore and Turbo Play can take serious advantage of that feature to ensure that your sequence will run smoothly.


Turbo Play can use your cores when resampling sound (for more, see Track Manager). This is transparent and results in at least 4x faster resampling in my Quad core CPU.


Note: this feature is only implemented for compressors that can compress or decompress sound in a non progressive way (without feedback). If your compressor uses feedback, multicore functionality cannot be used and the sound will be compressed or decompressed using standard single-core methods.

Turbo Play can use your cores when loading or saving a file as a compressed sound. Provided your compressor supports the non-feedback functionality, this will greatly reduce the time needed to load or save a wave.

MP3 Compression

Turbo Play uses the LAME encoder to export to MP3 output. That way you are allowed to specify various MP3 settings (Bitrate, quality, sample rate etc) and to specify the cores to use. This will significantly speed up MP3 export. For more, see MP3.

MIDI and Audio Importing

Turbo Play uses all your cores to speed up big file imports.


Turbo Play uses all your cores to speed up zooming the track manager.

Advanced VST Processing

If you have a multicore system, Turbo Play examins VST dependencies and automatically assigns processors for the VSTs to use. That way, you can run many VST instruments which work at the same time and not sequentially. Depending on the Visual Linker setup, Turbo Play decides which of the VSTs are to be assigned to a different thread.

You can override these decisions by right clicking on the VST (On the VST Bay/Track Manager) and select Advanced -> Set Affinity. This allows you to specify the processors in which the VST is allowed to run.