Note: Profiling is a run-time feature and consumes CPU power. Use it only for testing your VSTS, the hard disk activity and the CPU usage. Do not leave the profiler on if you do not need the profiling information.

Note: The profiler is disabled when the profiler window is hidden and enabled when the profiler window is shown.

The profiler is a quick way to measure ASIO and VST performance and to detect lagging errors.

The window shows:

This way you know which of your plugins consumes the most time and/or possibly delays the DSP Thread.

In addition, the profiler can load one or more of standard NT Performance counters. Right click to the window then "Add Counter", and you are presented with a dialog box with lots of performance counters you may add. The more you add, the more information is available at once, but the more CPU power is used as well.

The Performance counters you will add are saved in the project file and restored when the project.