Remote Control

The Remote Control is a Turbo Play feature that will allow me or one member of the Support Team to connect to your PC and help or try to fix an issue.

Note: This feature will give me or a support member access to your PC. If you are not willing to let your PC controlled by our team, please do not call us.

Note: If you try to use the Turbo Play Remote Control under Windows XP, you must run it as administrator and native (that is, you cannot request remote control from the 32-bit version running under Windows XP x64).

If you run TP under Vista or Windows 7, no restrictions are applied.

Remote control is a TP feature that allows you to control it from another PC via TCP/IP. It is based on my RDP project at

Simply choose "Request for remote assistance" from the help menu. If any of us are available, you will be notified. And If one of us attemps to connect to your PC, you will be also notified.

Note that this feature works in "reverse" mode and therefore it will work no matter how restrictive your firewall or your router is.