Driver Replacement

Turbo Play can replace a midi or an ASIO driver while it is running. This saves you for the trouble to unlink, unload, reload an relink a driver manually. You may also do that to reload the same driver with different parameters (such as sample rate).


To replace a driver, right click (in the Device Bay in Track Manager or in Device List) and select "Replace Driver":

For midi, it is relatively easy because there are usually no MIDI conflicts. For ASIO driver you have to select the "before" or "after" loading option.

"Before" means that Turbo Play will first load the new driver, then unload the old one. This is safer, because if the ASIO driver fails to load the project remains with the old driver but because some ASIO drivers do not like to be loaded when another ASIO driver is active (even if you retry the same driver) this might not work.

"After" means that Turbo Play will first unload the old driver, then load the new one. This will drop the project if the new driver loading fails - for example when invalid sample rate has been specified.