Turbo Play Router

Turbo Play works quite differently from most sequencers you have seen so far, but yet it is very simple and very flexible to create any sort of sequence. Taking a few minutes to read this text will provide answers to any questions you might have and help you understand the flexibility that Turbo Play offers.

In short, in Turbo Play there are are devices. A device is something that can accept data or send data. Each devices can have some midi ports or some audio ports. What you basically do is to add the devices you want and connect them in order to produce the desired result. All the devices are accessible through the Device Menu.

TP devices can be:

Other devices that you will rarely use are:


All of these devices have input and output ports. They appear to the Visual Linker. Once there, you can draw "cables" between them to specify how the sound will be transferred between them.
To Link a device means to connect it with another device.

Now see a sample of the Visual Linker:

What do we have here?

See the links between the devices . They tell TP how the sound should go from one device to another:

It's that simple! Once you have configured how you want to connect your devices, sound will be routed to the devices depending on the cables!

See also the Automatic Linker and the Intelligent Linker.