Runtime Effect Designer

Note : The RT is a run-time feature and therefore, it consumes CPU power.

The Runtime Effect Designer (RTAD) allows you to specify collections of Run Time Effects (both Audio and MIDI) that would be applied at a specific position.

A Preset is a collection of items. A project can have any number or presets, and only one of them can be active. Presets can also be loaded from Scripts.

A Timing is a number of events to occur. Each collection has a position (or you can also temporarily disable the collection). Each preset can have any number of collections. So if you want effects to be applied at 5 separated positions in the time line, you need 5 collections.

An Effect Target is a description on where to perform the collection. A Collection can have any number of Effect Targets. The effect target is the same as any script slider, for example, mixer, asio port, link, track etc.

An Effect is the collection on the actual Run Time Effects to perform to the target.

In the Track Manager you can use the toolbar (or the 'W' key) to show the collections of the currently selected preset and their position in the timeline.