Security , Windows Vista issues, Low mode, UAC Virtualization.

Note: The following information only applies to Windows Vista and later. Windows XP does not have the "Low mode" or "UAC Virtualization"

Turbo Play is Vista/Windows 7 security aware and can exploit security options to ensure the security of your data. Turbo Play runs as a normal user which allows it (and its VST plugins which may be suspicious) only to manipulate your files. System-wide data cannot be touched. Most of the VST plugins you will load will run fine with this default option.

However, some VST plugins might not work or some might want write access to C:\Program Files (yes I know- totally bad design but that's life), or some might want write access to C:\Windows\System32. Some of the plugins might be very dangerous or evil or stupid and might start corrupting Turbo Play or other VSTs.

Your security options are these:





In Windows XP, the default user account is administrator and if you haven't changed it, TP will run as administrator. However if you do not run as administrator, the plugin might not be able to work because UAC virtualization is not available in Windows XP.