Sensor Map

Note: Sensors are only supported in Windows 7.

Note: At the time of this writing, there are not so many available actual sensor devices. To be able to test this TP feature, if you have a GPS device, you can install my NMEA GPS Driver which maps your GPS device (or simulates a GPS if you do not have a GPS device) as a Windows 7 Sensor.

The Sensor map is a tool that allows you to capture sensor-generated events. A Sensor is a device that sends data to the PC relative to its category. There are many sensor categories like GPS, Location, Temperature, Light Ambience etc. Turbo Play allows you to map messages from these sensors to scripts.

The dialog box allows you to save/load/delete an unlimited mapper of sensor maps per project. You can also export/import a sensor map to/from a standalone XML file.

The top left window shows all sensors installed. In this example, one "Ambient Light Sensor" is installed.

The top right window shows the available properties for the selected sensor. Double click on one of these properties to add them as a mapping to the map window below.

The map window has these columns:

The function is executed only once per trigger. That means that if you set a condition of > 2 and the sensor value gets from 1 to 4, the script is executed, but as long the value is over 2.0 the script will not be executed. The script will be executed again only when the value goes < 2.0 and then >2.0 again.

Select a map and press DEL to delete it.