Stream Server

It may happen that you want someone to listen to what you are listening to in a quick way over the network. Turbo Play provides a simple but powerful HTTP Flash-based Streaming Server which you can configure to stream music.

To open the SS, use Ctrl+Shift+Alt+R.


First you configure the listening port (which is by default 8090), and then the transmission bitrate used for the MP3 stream. The more bitrate, the better quality, but also the more bandwidth will be used to transfer the stream.

Then you configure the channels. Double click to a channel and you can select an ASIO port, a MIXER port or "what you hear" which will combine all the asio ports to a single buffer.

The "Direct URL" for a channel may be used by players like VLC or WinAmp that can read an MP3 stream directly. For most other usages, you can use the "Browser URL" . Press "Test Server Locally" and the browser will be pointed to http://<your IP>:<port>/player/index.html.

Viewing this from a browser shows a Flash Control (I bought it from -> very cool flash controls there), that you (or a remote user) can use to listen to the stream:

This time there is only one channel configured, but if you have configured more than one channel, the user will be able to select the listening channel.