Audio Editor

TPAE (Turbo Play Audio Editor) is a featured editor for audio files, embedded in TP. To activate it, select any audio tracks then press 'A' (or select the audio editor from the Track Manager toolbar).

Under Windows 7, the following ribbon toolbar is shown:

If not running Windows 7, you have the same features using the audio menu.

The audio editor can operate either in part mode or in non part mode. If Parts are active ('P' key or the Part toolbar from the Track Manager), then your editing applies to selected parts in selected tracks. If parts are not active, then your editing applies to selected region of the selected tracks. In both cases, actions are only applied to selected tracks.

If you select more than one target (for example, 2 parts), then the action will be applied using the multithreading mechanism your PC might have, speeding up a lot the processing.

Most of the effects can be applied in a non-destructive way. An undo is always saved (per track), so anything you could do is easily reversible.

If you apply something to a track group, the entire group is modified.

Some of the effects are instant, some require some time, some require lots of time, depending on their settings. For more, see Audio Effects.

Some of the effects can also be configured as run time effects. For more, see Runtime Audio Effects.

Currently TP supports the following effects (For more, see Audio Effects) :