Container Tracks

Turbo Play Container Editor (TPCE) is a system that allows you to organize a container track that can contain parts of any other track.

First create a container track, then open the editor by pressing the '`' key. The container editor is a tree window that you can add categories. You can also create new parts for audio,midi,video,lighting and automation data, and you can also import parts/tracks from existing tracks.

To edit the information, double click the specific item. TPCE creates a temporary track and shows the appropriate window editor (for example, if you double click a midi item, a pianoroll appears). When you close the pianoroll (by either pushing the 'O' button or de-selecting that extra new track), the new track dissappears and the part you edited is saved (with undo/redo available) to the container track.

In the Visual Linker, you can connect a container track to both MIDI and AUDIO inputs. Such inputs are ignored, but if you are editing a part, the track that will be created (midi or audio) will be assigned that link. So for example you can route a container track to a VST instrument, and when you edit a midi part of it, the sound of that temporary track is routed to the VST as if you had routed it manually.

By right clicking on an item, you can also:

Note: TPCE data is saved as XML. Although audio parts can be saved, it is suggested that you do not use the TPCE to manipulate audio parts, because they will take a lot of disk space when saved as XML and also they will take a lot to be read or to be written in that format.