Lighting and DMX Tracks

Turbo Play Lighting Editor (TPLE) is a system that allows you to have tracks that control DMX-compatible lighting systems. For this to work you must have a DMX controller (check out Enttec's devices) and some lights. DMX is a widely used standard and TP can send DMX messages to your light controllers synchronized with the audio played.

A TPLE track is simply a track that can hold one or more (and up to 512) DMX channels. Each channel contains a curve which describes values from 0 to 255.

To use TPLE:

Each track can have more than one DMX channels. Each track has its own DMX device, so you can control more than one DMX device with more than one TPLE tracks. However, more than one TPLE tracks can have the same DMX device (put the same string in the device name, for example COM9 for both tracks), so you can group DMX channels in the way you wish - provided of course that their DMX channel numbers are not identical.

Using the mouse within a DMX channel allows you to:

A TPLE track can also be mapped to the Controller Map and be handled from MIDI, however this track should not have a curve associated with it. A TPLE track can also be controlled from Scripts.