Undo/Redo and Non Destructive Editing

Turbo Play allows undo/redo actions. Undo/Redo is supported either per track, or per selected tracks. It is recommended to do undo/redo per track.

In the track manager, when an undo is available, the "Undo" link will be active. Pressing it will allow you to undo the last action, undo all the actions or clear the undo history.

Note: currently TP keeps an unlimited number of undo history which is cleared only if you manually clear it or if you save/exit the project. It is recommended to clear the history now and then to save memory.

Non Destructive Editing

Some effects applied are 'non destructive', that is, they can be undone and redone in any order. That means that if you apply an amplification to a signal, then apply noise reduction, and then decide to remove the amplification, you can click the 'undo' button. If the amplification can be removed, you can remove it and noise reduction will be reapplied automatically to the non amplified signal.

Not all effects can be applied or removed in random order. If an effect (such as resample) cannot be non-destructive, then the undo list will be grayed.