Virtual Piano Keyboard

The Virtual Piano Keyboard (Alt+P) is an easy way to simulate MIDI events.

Select the desired channel, program, octave, velocity and possible controller. Select also the midi device in to be simulated. Clicking on a note will generate a midi message containing that note, as if the selected MIDI input device had sent that event. The virtual piano is mostly useful when you don't have any real keyboard to attach to your midi input.

Right clicking in the Virtual Piano presents a menu that allows you to set Channel,Octave,Program and Velocity as well.

You can also use keyboard keys (ASDFGHJKL) as a virtual piano.

Note that you should have loaded at least once MIDI in driver in the Device Manager , otherwise the Virtual Piano does nothing.

The Virtual Piano is also displayed in VST Instruments without the comboboxes, but you can still use the right click menu.