Turbo Play 2

minimal design, maximum efficiency


all in one

  • Unlimited polymorphic scenes, tracks and parts

  • Each track and part can contain any combination of audio, midi, video, image, automation and lyrics. Scenes available.
  • Unlimited undo/redo non destructive editor

  • All actions are undoable without part restoration. Ability to freeze (bounce in place) any part with effects. Undo list available.
  • Arranger tools

  • Metronome, Markers (Text,Go,Script,Preset), Takes, Loops, Tempos, Beats.
  • Part tools

  • Multiply, select, copy/paste, move/resize, mute/lock, group moving, split/crop, pitch shift/stretch, remix.
  • Ribbon interface

  • Minimal and efficient
  • ASIO support

  • Various buffer sizes, sample rates.
  • Multichannel parts

  • 1 to unlimited channels processing.
  • Track tools

  • Solo, mute, multi dimension pan.
  • Automation

  • Curve editor, targets: tracks, ASIO, VST parameters.

Turbo Play uses the powerful Pianoroll control, including:

  • Notes support channel (0-15), velocity (0-127) , layer (unlimited)
  • Moving, Resizing with snap controls
  • Supports diatonic movement through specified Key and Mode (Major/Minor)
  • Unlimited undo/redo
  • Unlimited layers
  • Piano side (Left/Right/Bottom/None)
  • Tools - Auto, Eraser, Single click entry, Quantizer
  • Non-note MIDI notes
  • Meta events (Raw hex and specific items)
  • Aftertouch and Pitch shift events
  • Chromatic/Diatonic transposes
  • Configurable colors
  • Part mode
Turbo Play uses the powerful VSTX library:

  • x86 and x64 plugins. Turbo Play x86 can load x64 plugins, Turbo Play x64 can load x86 plugins.
  • Plugins with unlimited inputs and outputs, both midi and audio (effects and instruments)
  • VST 2.x full support, VST 3.x full support
  • VST Programs and Units
  • VST Automation Parameters
  • Preset Load/Save
  • 32 or 64 bit processing, any sample rate, any block size
  • Ribbon interface for the editor
  • Multi file import

  • Audio (MP3,WAV,Audio CD,Audio from Video,FLAC,OGG), MIDI, Image (JPG/PNG), Video (MP4, WMV)
  • Multi file export

  • Audio (MP3,WAV,Write CD,FLAC,OGG), MIDI, Lyrics (SRT), Video (MP4, WMV, H.264,H.265)
  • Cloud open/save

  • One drive/Google drive import/export project
  • Audio

    • Mute
    • Invert
    • Reverse
    • Amplification
    • Normalization
    • Fade
    • Envelope [Powered by my Curve Design]
    • Compression [Powered by SNDFilter]
    • Reverb [Powered by SNDFilter]
    • Equalizer [Powered by my EQ Design]
    • Filters (all types, Chebyshev,Butterworth etc) [Powered by DSPFilters]
    • Echo
    • Chorus
    • Noise Reduction
  • Video

  • Saturation, Brightness, Invert, Color matrix, Transform, Posterize, Vignette
  • Video Transitions

  • Fade
  • MIDI Learning

  • On demand or automatic, slider/keys, scripts
  • Flexible setup

  • x64/x86 versions, setup or portable installation


Soon available. Keep in touch.