Turbo Transfer

I guess you have always hated all slow downloads between your friends, plus your friend had to have the same application as you to receive the files. In addition, your friend might want to send you a file but he doesn't know UPnP and over Facebook, Skype etc it's awfully slow.

Here is a quick upload tool that:

Turbo Transfer requires the ultimate ability for incoming connections to your PC, either by UPnP or manually. It creates a small HTTP server to serve the file you are sending or to accept a HTTP upload. The files are not base64 encoded, they are sent in 8-bit format so no bandwith is wasted.

ToDo: ZIP even for a single file, resuming a download.

Download (x64 only, Windows 7+): here. This is my first tool that is only released in x64 and without XP Support. Yes, do abandon x86 and Windows XP please.

Main Screen
Waiting Screen
Downloading Screen
Configuration Screen